Pressure Plate for bge

Hi guys, i have created a really nice pressure plate model that i would like to use in a game. I want to make it so when the player steps off too early then it explodes. Would you recommend using python or logic bricks. And also any idea to achieve this??

I would use logic, and collision sensor

Collision player-------and------add 1 to property Frame
If frame min 1 max 10/___-------move -.01z

If collision------------and------property add 1 to frame
Frame min 11 max 120/

If Frame 121-------and--------noise disarm

Colision player invert-------and------trigger explosion
Property min1 max120-----/

So, if frame is more then 0 and less then or equal to120----boom

If it reaches 121 your safe.

thanks a lot for the help

I would do that with the build in state machine

states: waiting, counting, exploding

waiting: on collision -> counting
counting: on no collision -> waiting
counting: on timeout (e.g. delay sensor ) -> exploding

exploding: on state entry do whatever you want it to explode (ensure you end this object)

See: How to: use build-in states - a simple FSM tutorial