Pretty Amazing Realtime 3d Video.

I wonder if you have to take a blue pill before playing this?

Already a thread about this.

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Ha, this was just posted over in Off Topic and

Update 2: According to this comment, portions of the video are taken from an artist’s portfolio that may not be related to LivePlace (the video he linked to is identical to the first 10 seconds of the clip above). It’s possible that the artist works for LivePlace, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it was rendered in real time…
Great renders, but apparently not real-time.

However, the idea(if they could actually get it to work) is brilliant, and could have a lot of amazing real-world applications.

“All the rendering is done server-side”

Technically, it’s real time, but in reality, it’s being rendered on a server farm in a land far away, and not on your average PC. Not even on your high end PC. We’re a long way from being able to do realtime graphics that sophisticated on a normal PC.

It’s impossible for me to differentiate that graphics from the real world’s. At least at that resolution.
It’s so cool. It takes the camera from one’s computer, sends the location to the server far away and that server then sends you a rendered image!

@Hobo Joe: Yes, but the video seems to be renderings from the artist, and not actual game play.