<pretty basic>: Lowpoly face

Hey, I just did the low poly face tutorial and I thought I was gonna try to create something out of it. I was going to start out with the eyes, I selected some stuff and deleted it then I just moved around the vertexes just a little.
I was thinking “hey, I know there’s two big holes as eyes but it can’t be that hard to fill 'em up right?!”… Turns out I was pretty wrong. I have actually no idea how to make a pair of eyes for this face.
I’ve uploaded the file, please take a look at it!

At first, I created a circle and deleted all except one vertice and then I extruded it. If you’re looking at my blender file right now, you’ll get what I mean.
Now here’s two problems with this:
The “eye” is currently empty and the only way I know how to fill it is to select three/four vertices at a time, then making a face. Rinse and repeat until the whole eye is covered up, but this tends to look a little bit strange sometimes for some reason.
The other, the most important problem, is that the eye is straight.
If you try to place that eye on that face, you’ll notice that it’s just wrong… Totally wrong…

So, I’m asking you guys, what’s the best way to fill up these two holes?

Sorry for double post, forgot to upload the .blend


lowpolywitheyenotfilled.blend (139 KB)

With a sphere. My personal favorite eye tut: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85722&highlight=procedural+eye+tutorial

Hmmm… Thanks for the link but I’ve tried reshaping a sphere to fit but it just doesn’t seem possible somehow.

The trick is think about how your eye fits in your eye socket. You don’t have to reshape the sphere a whole lot other than the outer one concave and the inner, convex. I like to put my eye in the middle of the head, then in front view, moving it along the x and z axis’s, and finally going into side view and bringing it forward along the y axis until it just fits without any of it protruding from the eye lids(that would look kinda strange;)). Then I just duplicate this and move it along the x axis until the new one lines up with the eye.
You do keep it very sphere-like, because we are making a human, and humans have spherical eyes.
Hope this helps:D