Pretty cool

I guess he turned off his teevee. :slight_smile:

It’s cool, but it’s not as “special” as it sounds.

The words “nuclear fusion” makes people instantly think: “high level science”, but really it’s all based on principles that have been around since the early 40s. It’s old news, and anything but “cutting edge” today.

Anyone with as much free time as this kid apparently had, could do the same research and construction without any greater problems.

Unfortunatelly, the greater majority of us have dayjobs, and rent to pay, among other responsibilities, so there is not really that much time left for mental masturbation.

yeah, maybe so, still I give the kid cudos. Someone has to do this kind of stuff don’t ya think? It does look like his folks helped out a bit and that seems to be a good thing. I dunno, guess maybe flippin’ burgers might be a better thing to do…especially if you are concerned about the hungry?

Lol, no. What made you ask that?

Either way, my main point (in case you missed it) is that following work someone else did and then replicating the construction is not an endeavor that requires any greater intelligence.

In other words, It’s nothing overly impressive.

Just putting it in perspective for you.

I think you are making light of what the kid has done. It’s easy to say “Most folks could learn that online and do it if they had the time”.

The design of the model came from his own ideas and some suggestions from other science-lovers he met online.
Yes, he was following others work and theories but he designed it (with some input from others) and constructed the thing.
I’m impressed that the kid believed he could do it in the first place, started the project and more importantly finished the project. He invested, time, capital and no small amount of thought into it so regardless of how “common” the knowledge which he utilised, he achieved something that most people would not be able to regardless of having the free time.
The key here is not how “clever” he was but that he was passionate enough about it to do it.

Yes. I completelly agree.

This kid is passionate, and he should be proud of what he acomplished (I never said he should not).

I’m just trying to make it clear that he’s not a “genius”, because as I stated before, some people draw such a conclusion from anyting that mentions “fusion”.

That’s true, but I’m onto him. I note that he keeps it in the garage. I’m guessing he’s planning hitting 1.2 jiggawatts and then plugging it into his dads’ delorean :smiley:

i don’t know, but that kid’s gotta be rich, or at least have a reasonable amount of money. what do those components cost on their own?