Pretty little monsters

Hello !
I started a work on little monsters with Ivan Lepretre wich made the 2D illustrations.
Then, I started to work on the Illustration with all the monsters, and I imagined the shooting session in the photograph studio and here the result :slight_smile:


nice work
you could make him a little bit glossy just to have a cute look, and maby reduce this patrren a little !!!
but he looks nice !!!

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Thank you ! :slight_smile:
In fact I would make an unglossy skin but he has such a strawberry aspect that I’ll make a test with a glossy appearance :strawberry:

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oh … now i see
everything is clear now !! he just little shine like the strawberry

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Here we go ! :slight_smile:

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The strawberry monster is here !
Give me your opinion :slight_smile:

The second monster :

The pretty little monsters are baaaack ! :slight_smile:

… and these are the illustrations models by my friends Ivan Lepretre :slight_smile:
%E2%80%A2%20saucisse %E2%80%A2-monstre-rouge %E2%80%A2-monstre-titi %E2%80%A2-monstracorne