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Hi, I was just turned on to Blender a week or so ago and cant get enough. I have recently been playing with the fluid sims and got it down. However, I can bake it and make it so its animated in the viewpoint and render a particular frame but cannot animate the rendered version. If that makes sense can somebody please give me some help in doing that? PLEASE??


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Hi there. It’s addictive huh? Know just what you mean - the fluid sims really tickled me pink. Welcome aboard the Blender cruise ship…

Now then, if you press the f10 buton, it will cycle through 3 sets of buttons in the button window - this is shown with the set of three icons. Hit this button until the first of the three icons is shown.

You should be presented with a panel full of choices. If you hit the largest button, ANIM then it’ll do just what you want. Setting the Sta & End numbers changes the starting and ending frames of the rendered animation, also, the ending frame (only) of the fluid sim calculations.

There’s bound to be a wiki on this somewhere, or a video that somebody has put more effort into than I with this post. This is a page of some really good videos: Genome tutes
and here’s a whole Uni course on Blender. for FREE including all assignments and training videos (videos are great stuff): OpenCourseWare - Three-Dimensional Modeling, Animation and Rendering Using Blender 3D Software, Spring 2006 - Tufts University



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Thank you! I got that done but all it did was make all the frames jpg’s. I cannot get Blender to output that in a mpg or something that will play continuously. Got a little more patience to help with that part??


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After pressing F10, you should see a panel at the right “Format”. In the format panel, jpeg is selected by default. Click on the pull down, and you will see a choice of output formats including avi.

Best of Luck!


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hmm, seems OBI_Ron beat me to it :smiley:

I’ll just add this then:



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Thak you again! That should be the last of my noob questions.:smiley: