pretty nice flash based game for puzzle minds

A little cleaner site :wink:

edit: seems pretty cool, I just hate keyboard navigation! nice atmosphere though, seems like another Myst Lite TM

the sound is good - reminds me about lost world, but just well made.

I think my brain went psycho. Not so much puzzle as artistic randomness.

nah, there is puzzle there, it’s just a search and find clues game, similar to Myst, machinarium, or even Resident Evil’s earlier stuff. Basically find triggers and use them. And yes, the sound is superb.

too bad it is so short

the animation is simple but somewhat effective and adorable.

Neat little game, not so much puzzles though, it was mostly just finding things that was hard, I completed the game only because I accidentally jumped too far and banged my head in a button that I didn’t see because it was too dark xD

“This world is a lie” :lol:

clear reference to Portal… :slight_smile:

I liked it, still going through…

very short, but sweet. Didn’t see much Myst in it. It’s heritage is clearly platform/puzzle games in the same vein as the original Prince of Persia, Another World, Flashback, Oddworld, Ico, Machinarium and such…