Pretty sure I'm messing something up with applying scale to objects...

So, I’ve been working on this simple scene for the last couple weeks and recently I’ve started running into a problem. Whenever I try to apply the scale to an object so the UVs will be the correct proportions during unvrapping, that object when rendering will become heavily distorted and misshapen. It’s happening too often to be a bug, so I must be doing something unwittingly to trigger it.

For example, I started with a cube, then scaled it to make this box:

Then I’ll go into Object mode, Ctrl+A > Apply scale. But when I render an image Blender stretches it into this:

It’s happened with a bunch of modified primitives I’ve been using to put the scene together.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately you cropped away the “interesting” parts of your Blender interface. However, notice how the name of the selected cube is displayed in orange color?

This should be grey, unless you have e. g. keyframes on the object’s scale. Show us the complete interface (with N panel) or even better: Upload the file somewhere for us to have a look.

Hey man. I figured it out. I had auto keyframing enabled, so every time I adjusted the scale it was adding a keyframe, which seemed to mess it up on rendering. Ticked that back off and so far smooth sailing!