Pretty weird camera issues

Hey guys,I just back into blender and I’m loving it. Unfortunately im having a few issues with the camera. Hope you can help me out. See when i download a blend file or even my own files i get issues with the camera. For example: if i dont do anything it looks like this.
But even one click and it turns to hell. I’d really appreciate somebody helping me.

Thanks in advance


That is a bug in Blender 2.63. Download the latest Blender version 2.63a from the official Blender homepage.

Actually the problem still persists even though i have the latest version. An example

Please check if you are realy use Blender 2.63a or a later version.

A other fault cold be that the camera is parented wrong.
Try it with a lower Adust value eg. 0,5.

If that not helps, upload an example file I will check it.

appreciate this,thanks.


Do you have an Intel GMA graphic card?

Please upload an example file, which are not working on your PC, to check if it depends on your computer or on the file.