Prevent Curve Modifier deforming mesh?

I’m creating a ‘flighted’ conveyor belt, where bars stuck to the conveyor belt prevent items on the belt slipping down when the belt is at an angle. I have successfully used the Array Modifier and the Curve Modifier to make a set of flights (i.e. bars) run along the path of the conveyor belt (much like a set of tank tracks). But how do I prevent the flight’s mesh being deformed as it passes round the curved end of the conveyor belt (as shown in the attached picture)? I’m sure this must be an easy fix, but I can’t find it despite endless searches of the forums…

As you can see in the picture, the straight-sided flight mesh is being distorted into a coffin shape as it goes round the curved part of the belt path:


Don’t know how to do it with an array modifier, I would make the objects seperate and just follow the curve path with a time offset.


curve.blend (136 KB)

Check out Vertex Parenting, and this file:

The “Chain Curve 2”, the chain links aren’t deformed, it works by the curve modifier affecting a mesh, which vertices are parent’s of the actual chain mesh.

Maybe the key lies in this?

EDIT: Or this tutorial for a different approach:

Many thanks, the vertex parenting method was just what I needed!