Prevent initial tug on cloth for animation

Hi again!

I’m trying to make a effect where a ribbon spins around in a set path I place on the screen. The effect I want to achieve is similar to how the ribbons act in a ribbon dance. e.g. Just without gravity really.

However, I want the cloth in my animation not to go away from the path at all, or only a small amount. So far, all that I have tried has made the cloth fly around where I don’t want it to go.

I have a plane (with cloth physics enabled, with many subdivisions) with a follow path constraint. The cloth simulation has the top vertices of the plane pinned.

A issue I instantly run into is the beginning of the simulation, where the sudden acceleration of the pinned points makes the cloth jerk forward.

Any ideas of any values that would work perfect? Perhaps I need to scale the scene up? A special constraint I’ve never used?

Thanks in advance!

Aside your rubber band problem, I am not sure if the cloth simulation is the way to go.

I made simple subdivided plane ribbon, pinned the end of it and dragged it around as I key framed its path. It turns out that path taken by the cloth is complex inter play of different forces. Simulation starts to input all kinds of stuff! The free end of cloth don’t follow pulling end exactly. So when circular movement is tight, things tends to tangle up!

Ok… Well I say it’s pretty much impossible with a cloth simulation :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried adding a follow path constraint, and a curve deform modifier, and the results were chaotic. I would keep trying to fix this, but I’m on a schedule, and will just abandon the idea. Thanks anyways!