Prevent objects intersection while editing them


I’m asking here since I’ve the problem only by trying to search for the answer over the Internet.

So, let’s say I have two cubes. If i move one of them into the other, nothing will stop me from doing that. What I want is the second cube to somehow limit this, by not allowing me to enter with the first cube into the second one’s facets.

Is there any way that I can to this?

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No, not in the Viewport. If you want to Render that kind of effect you can try ForceFields:
and SoftBodies:
neither of which were designed to do this.

In case you mean that one object reacts with another you may need RigidBodies:


Thank you very much for your answer. Would’ve need that just in case I get to model something like a TV which will be placed perfectly on top of a table for example. :slight_smile:

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You can look at your models in wire frame mode, zoom in on the intersection, and get them as close as need be.

To move a model tiny amounts, hold down the shift key while moving it (also works for small rotations or scales.)

Another thing you can do is select the vertices in the table top, open the parameter panel (n) and see what their location is, then move your tv so it’s bottom vertices are on the same plane.

If you don’t mind the shapes changing slightly, once you get your table and tv very close to each other, selecting the verts in the table top and tv bottom then scaling along an axis to zero will force all the verts to the same plane (the average of the table top and tv bottom.)

I think you’d find, in most cases, tvs and such have little feet on the bottom, so they don’t really rest geometrically perfectly on a surface anyway.

Another solution to prevent while editing vertices to go through another is to use the Retopo mode (the edited vertices will be ‘dropped’ on the limit surface), but it looks quite cumbersome to me in most cases… Proper use of views, cursor/selection snaping [Shift]+[S] and of course the recent Snamp mode would be better ways to work on a daily basis…