Prevent parent from affecting child object scale in Blender GE

As in the title, how would I limit the child objects scale so its unaffected by the parent in the GE. I don’t want to do individual keyframes to keep the scale at normal. An example is a water geyser with a rock.

dont parent them, use two animations, on for translation, one for scale. another solution could be an armature with a bone weighted to the top half to have a scale-like effect when moved.

scale in bge is just nasty, avoid where possible.

For me, I had the same parent scale effecting children scale when making crouching functions.
Solution is to assign all child scales after the parent scaling operation, that way, they all stay at separate scales with no visual children changes except the desired scaling for the parent.


import bge

def crouch(self):

if[].status == 2:
  self.owner.worldScale = 0.5
  for child in self.owner.children:
    child.worldScale = 1.0
elif[].status == 0:
  self.owner.worldScale = 1.0
  for child in self.owner.children:
    child.worldScale = 1.0