Prevent physics drift

(BluePrintRandom) #22

old pc hdmi port is fried :frowning:
or the whole pc (goodbye alienware alpha you were a good lil pc)

I will remake tonight hopefully :smiley:

(Dr. Binary) #23

That would be awesome, this has been driving me crazy for quite a while now.

(BluePrintRandom) #24

POC_Almost_Perfect_FakePhysics2.blend (753.8 KB)

edit - I unplugged the alienware power supply, plugged it back in and rebooted and it worked :smiley:

(BluePrintRandom) #25

ok I did this a long time ago and it’s not done in a way that is easy to follow,
I will see if I can get time to rewrite it for readability…

(Dr. Binary) #26

I don’t have internet at home so I will have to wait until Monday to dive in. But hey, thanks so much. And I am pretty good at dissecting projects even if they are confusing. I do it at my job all the time. It doesn’t get much more confusing than picking up a legacy php project with comments in 5 different languages I don’t speak.

(Dr. Binary) #27

This looks really promising, I’m excited to figure out what I was missing here. Thanks BPR.

(Dr. Binary) #28

After deconstructing this somewhat, this is not quite what I need to do. This system seems to work great for what it demonstrates, navigating micro-planets in a sidescroller format, but it broke down to instability for some pretty simple reasons while testing it on a flat rotating platform as per my goal. This does give me some new avenues to explore.

(Daedalus_MDW) #29

line 944 is my artificial friction code that compares the current and the last frame of transforms.