Prevent rotation parenting.

Is there a way to prevent a object from rotating when its parented to something that does?

For example my character has a Plane parented to it and the Light is parented to the Plane, The character rotates left and right but so does the Light.

What I tried to do in the past is make the plane that has the light source rotate the opposite when it rotates to the normal rotation “Left to Right, Right to Left” but this has failed various times and it would still rotate from its original place.

Any ideas?

Do a vertex parent operation instead (select the child object in object mode, then the parent object. Switch to editmode, select a vertex, and press ctrl-P)

i had the problem to parent a target arrow that points to the enemy at the camera so it looks like a hud. the camera doesnt have vertices so you cannot vertexparent anything on it. i made a cone, set it to no collision and invisible, parented it to the camera and parented the arrow to the top vertex of the cone.
btw. if you dont know how to vertexparent: chose the parent, go into editmode (tab) select the vertext to be parented at. go back to objectmode select child to be, shift select parent,ctrl p and select vertex parent.

Thanks Ace Dragon and S Markt this did the trick I always parented in Object and Vertex just never crossed my mind. Worked nicely.