Prevent scaling gizmo to scale past -0?

Is it possible to stop scaling at 0 in Blender?

Like, when I start from the right here, I would like verts to never be allowed to go past the center, even if my mouse cursor does it:


Press S X 0
If you use industry standard key board… replace s by your scale shortcut

Note that I use a view based gizmo in the movie above.

I don’t think there is any shortcut for a view based axis…

EDIT: Seems initiating the drag with the mouse and then pressing 0 works. (Still, it would be interesting to hear if there is an answer to my original question that doesn’t involve keyboard shortcuts.)

There is axis shortcuts for Any orientation 's relativity. First time you press X for example is the choice you have selected (here view) second time you press it ll be word.
You can also use ctrl key while dragging your mouse to use snapped percentages.
But as I know you need to be able to pass the zero point to make mirrors for example.
So blocking it for all the users is a non sens In my opinion