Prevent the command prompt from popping up

I thought this might be useful for someone as I’ve seen the question asked about a million times before. I fell across it by accident but seems to circumvent the command prompt window.

For anyone who has Macromedia Director… this works for Windows but might need testing on other platforms. I use a shell xtra to launch blenderplayer. In director, use the following Lingo code:

shell_cmd("blenderplayer.exe -f -g nomipmap mygame.blend",EMPTY,0)

The shell xtra for pc and mac can be found here

If you have compiled a runtime or want to run blenderplayer maybe you could just use the code above to launch blenderplayer then close the main window with


Hope this comes in useful!

Ist there a possibility to prevent the command popup for a runtime.exe exported via blender 2.42a? I only read about the -c parameter to permanently show it - but this used to be default for a saved runtime?


download blendWin module from this site.