Prevent unhidden geometry getting added to selection


when I hide geometry with H, then later unhide it with Alt+H, the hidden geometry becomes visible again, but it is also added to my current selection. This is unwanted in cases where I hide it precisely to avoid selecting it. Can this effect be avoided?

There isn’t a way to do this in Blender, as far as I’m aware. However, there is a moderately simple workaround:

  1. Hide the stuff you want hidden.
  2. Select the non-hidden stuff you want selected
    With your selection set how you want it to be even AFTER you unhide:
  3. Ctrl+I to invert your selection
  4. Alt+H to unhide, which adds these items to the selection set
  5. Ctrl+I to invert the selection again…
    …which leaves you with your original selection from step #2!

(It’s faster than it sounds, once you do it a couple times.)

You could write a script that does this and assign it a hotkey to it, such as Alt+Shift+H

another way would be to make a vert group
which can be re selected after !

happy bl

Both are good suggestions. Thanks!

I tried to write a script and it works. I tried to make the shortcut work as well, but failed.

If interested in fixing, please review