preview and the F12 rendering look different


Fairly new with Cycles. I am doing a simple self project. As you can see in the posted images, the preview and the F12 rendering look quite different. The water has displacement modifier which is not being rendered as well as the water material. The displacement modifier is toggled to render. The masonry walls are all UV unwrapped. You can see in the preview the water and the walls render correctly but not in the F12 render.

Using 2.71, win 7 x64. Does this with both CPU and GPU rendering.

Any ideas,



Please check if you have any meshes set to be invisible in the (rendered) viewport, but still renderable:

From the looks of your screenshot the water surface is there, it’s just hidden under that white untextured plane. Same goes with that walls: Looks as if there is some untextured mesh happily Z-fighting with your textured one.

Ok. I will double check. Thanks,