Preview aspect-ratio when using PAL 16:9?

Recent posts have established that the “right” way to prepare for DVD output is to use the “PAL 16:9” output settings.

I’m also not the first one (sez the “search” function!) to notice that the Preview window still has its square-screen when these settings are used. So the output in the preview window is stretched vertically.

Right now I’m following a suggestion previously made, to manually set the SizeX/SizeY to a 16:9 ratio and AspX/AspY to 1:1. This means of course that everything will have to be re-rendered to prepare for output… a step that would not be necessary if the Preview window could be displayed in the correct aspect.

Is this a “bug?” Is there a better way?

I’m using: SizeX=569 SizeY=320 AspX=1 AspY=1.

I think the animation preview is intended more for timing [and colors if you mean play an animation] than issues like that

doing several quickie renders with square pixels, and doing a final render without doesn’t seem like that huge of a problem to me

sundial: That bug must have been introduced in one of the recent versions. In instinctive-Blender, you get a true 16:9 preview when you hit the Pal 16:9 button.