Preview clay?

(svero) #1

I looked for a way to do a clay render, and found the material override in the render layers tab, but it only affects actual renders from what I can tell… Is there a way to have the preview render also use this material override? or another way to force the preview render to use a single material without switching everything in the scene? (Using cycles)

(Richard Marklew) #2

An alternative to have a single material in the viewport would be to use Solid view and select a Matcap from the Properties / Shading settings (N)

(svero) #3

Matcap doesn’t work for me since the reason I want this is to work on lighting solutions/variations for the scene. So I need the actual rendered lighting on the surfaces while moving the lights around etc… I prefer to light on a uniform surface, before adjusting the scene with textures in place.