Preview flickering colours.

I have an animation where I want to turn on lights with a flickering effect, mostly emissions within meshes. I’m happy with the key framing, but is there a way I can preview this? I don’t need all the light bounces, just to see the effect of the surfaces. Obviously I don’t want to render the entire animation just to check I have this right.



If its a cycles material you will need to be in the render preview mode to see the changes as you playback the animation.

You do not have to have everything else in your scene just for previewing, do you ?
You don’t need to have high samples, caustics, SSS etc etc, do you ?

I would be nice to see how the lights are affecting the surrounding objects, but at least this way I can check the timing. I don’t have a great card by today’s standards so moving these items to a different layer is a great idea. I do it all the time when modelling, it takes my brain a bit of time to connect things together!