preview node editor

i import my multylayer sequence but when i link to viewer and press alt a i can’t see the animation…is another way to playback my sequence??

you can’t preview the composited result of an animation (if that’s, what you’re trying to do. i’m not completely sure). to see the whole thing you have to render it all out.

In the node editor you can only see stills. The node editor is not made for real-time playback.

what is the best way to see it?

render some sample frames of your animation to see if your node setup works fine. then render out an animation.
if you just want to combine some video footage, you should use the video sequence editor: there you got preview.

Open up the VSE (shift+f8), shift+a to add images, alt+a to playback! Use frame dropping to playback in realtime if your computer can’t play smoothly (like if you are using big .png files or .exr files for example.)

Try using the arrow keys to cycle through the sequence. It’s called “Composite FLIPBOOK Playback”. (Not really designed for animation playback) Also in previous versions of Blender if you didn’t tag the images as a sequence in the nodes editor (assuming the sequence is being used as a part of a composite) and the uv/image editor window, then the sequence couldn’t be cycled through. Not sure if this is the case in current versions. This is really good for seeing the result of your rotoscoping or image sequence painting work.

Thanks a lot:)