Preview of Transparency doesn't work on all objects


Something strange is just happening.

I’m using a bunch of alpha-textured (with transparency) objects in my project already and I I want to use more alpha textures.

Whenever I take a pre-existing alpha-texured object, add a new material, rename it and change the PNG to something new, it all works fine. But as soon as I create a new object from scratch and try to use the new material, the Alpha texture fails to be transparent.

My best guess is that its something in the object settings.

Thanks for helping me clear this up,

Marco :slight_smile:

Alpha transparency only works on some objects
Alpha transparency only works on some objects

I’m just noticing it happens al the time: Whenever I create a new object and try to use an alpha transparent texture on it, it doesn’t work. The big question would be what did I do right with the object settings on the correct ones, because it can’t possibly be the material settings.

This is interesting – apparently the objects render fine. So the problem only happens at in-project level which is a relief but not entirely satisfactory.

read other posts about same problem and you soon notice the same misunderstanding.

The ALPHA of a texture has nothing to do with the Transparency of an object(and its material).

Obviously you still cannot create an object and a simple material without a texture and make it transparency (like coloured glas, etc.).

It is the Transparency setting in the material-window and the position of the alpha-slider there, what makes an object transparent - and there too is the setting for the way the transparency is calculated: by-z-buffer or by-raycasting

Well let’s put it this way. I have a transparent material that works flawlessly on a number of objects. I create a new object and use the same material on it. The object doesn’t appear transparent in textured view, as opposed to the other objects. This is why I suspected something in the object settings (I couldn’t find any deviation yet).

But that’s kind of OK because they still render fine (ie transparent) despite of the strange behaviour and it’s the end result that counts.

Juat to wrap this up: Apparently it doesn’t happen in 2.46, but only in 2.49b.

Yeah it only affects the preview (see second post) so it’s really no biggie, just confusing to begin with. Interestingly, it doesn’t affect objects I imported from earlier versions including objects created from them.

So long as it only occurs in preview mode I really couldn’t care less, as I’m not going for game design. It’s just a minor hiccup. All versions upwards of 2.49 are affected.

Thanks for the link, I’ll have a read.

Marco :slight_smile: