Preview to new BREAKDANCE-Battle-Game!

(mainman) #1

Hey evrybody
could you plz check out the music I’m going to feature in my upcoming Breakdance-Battle-Game and give me some Feedback? The file is only 316 Kb and it features 6 (!) different Beats…
Check it out at:
or if that dont work: and then press Beats.blend (cause i dont know no HTML… :wink:
Owhyeah If aybody has any questions…Go ahead…

I also posted 4 preview Pics on my site (2nd link)… It has no real background but they show one character in a couple of different poses…
The game is halfway… I modelled one character (to my satisfaction…), Got a dozen or so different moves down…gameplay is halfway (got a sort-of Tricky-meter as in SSX Tricky/Tony Hawk --> that’s the kindof game its gonna be, only breakdancin duh) and the sound…well I need some feedback on that :)…
SO LET me know what you think… ABOUT THE GAME

In the .blend file with the music PRESS R to start/change the music…
that was kinda important…

(joecool) #2

it works if that’s what you want to know.

(saluk) #3

Sounds pretty cool. Your guy looks funking awesome:)

(mainman) #4


(Abracsis) #5

looks promising for what is promised :slight_smile:

how many polygons is your character? (just wondering)


(mainman) #6

Well, Abracsis, I tried to keep the Polygon-count to a minimum…this character has around 150 polygons…

(TurboG) #7

Nice looking Pics…Couldn’t hear the sound (speakers broken) but it looks cool…Also, if you want to learn HTML a little better, try going to:

My page used to look like yours…But I read this for a day and I think I improved it alot (see link at the bottom)…I know I could make mine better but I kind of like the format…Considering I have no tutroials or other links realy…lol

(gargola) #8

hey mainman!!! maybe this link can help you make your page looks better… or if you want it even easier,go here:
hope it helps!
by the way,i don’t know a heck about html either.he he! :smiley:

(mainman) #9

thanx TurboG (and Gargola)…
Check out my All New and Improved website:
I used CoffeCup or sumtin for it…

(saluk) #10

I like the basketball court and the new character. It looks to be shaping up as a very fun game:)

Pretty good new page too.

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how many posts does one need to get to the ‘groupie status’ anyway??
25?? hmm… 21 down, 4 to go…

(Pooba) #12

I think you could use more than 150 polys. Maybe i’m on the bit of the high side, but my character has 1000 polys. 150 is pretty low.


(mainman) #13

really? I can use way more polygons?
even when I use armatures? and it wont slow down…
hmm…thats nice to know…thanx