preview window

with 2.49 in the 3D window viewport

if i open up with Alt-P a preview window

i can see the model with full textures

now if i go to the map out panel change the NOR value for instance

and i click on the preivew panel it does not show the new modofied texture?

is this normal or is there a way around it ?

also on the bottom header there is a preview icon there
but when i use this i don’t see the textures on the render
is this normal ?


Hello Ricky, about the preview windows yes, I get the same behaviour; usually the preview updates after you move something on your scene, it look like it have to be manually refreshed.

On the preview icon not sure which header you mean… are you talking about the material panel? I have no “preview” icons on the headers, just one “render this view” icon.

yup the last icon on the right bottom header

it render but i don’t see any textures or colors
is this normal ?


That just renders the 3d view.


but this is a render

why it does not show any textures or materials it’s likeall in black and white?
not very userfull - i pefer to use the F12 real render