previewing procedural textures?

i have started to use procedural textures more with cycles and i wondered about how i can preview the textures? i mean a single texture and not all of them combined in the material preview. since with more complex materials it can be very hard to tell what a specific texture adds to the mix and parameter tuning can become a bit of a pain.

if i remember correctly this was no problem with blender internal?

if there is no texture preview with cycles, what is your workflow to workaround this limitation?

Use the ‘Node Wrangler’ addon. The CTRL+SHIFT+LMB connects the node under the cursor to the output throught an emission node. As it’s an emission, all samples from the render terminate at first hit, and render in viewport is fast enough for a preview.

you can also use the Material mode to see texture in viewport
just connect the one you want to see and keep going

happy cl

you dont need the addon, just plug the texture into a emission shader temporarily. use procedural textures enough and youll just be able to get pretty close by guessing.

thanks for your tips! :slight_smile: