Previous Cursor Location....

relocate my cursor to previous location…

sometimes this troubles me if i accidentaly press the LMB


I’m not sure there’s any get-around for this - you just have to be careful! (I may be extremely wrong, of course!)

If you are lucky and the cursor was previously located on a vertex or at an object’s center, you could select that vertex or object and do Shift-S, “Cursor -> Selection.” Otherwise I think xarton’s right, you can’t return to an otherwise arbitrary location.

You could create an empty at your present cursor position so if you accidentaly press lmb you could snap back to the empty , if you feel you need to get the cursor back to this position frequently leave the empty there and create a new one. if you dont need that position again once your cursor is relocated at the next new position then snap the empty to the cursor so you have you safety net again.

nice solution for Hazza’s,but what if i accidentaly put my “empty” in to a object like a cube or a sphere, how do i get it out?

If you realize your accident immidiatly and you have not done any further editing after that, you can simply set the 3d cursor to it’s previous position by doing an UNDO (CTRL+Z).

what if i accidentaly put my “empty” in to a object like a cube or a sphere, how do i get it out?

Try selecting in Wire draw mode (Zkey). Or if you have several objects overlapping in the 3D view in Object mode, Alt-RMB on the pile opens a dropdown menu of the objects’ names.

Scale the empty larger then any of the objects it could disapear inside. or put the empty on a different layer, have both layers viewable and if the empty goes missing, view only layer with the empty.

when lossing something in blender the easiest way to find it again is going to the outline window and right clicking on it, back in the 3d window its selected.

good luck

um…thanks,different layer