Previz Camera Tools

Right, I meant it would be awesome if Blender itself had the ability.

However, I actually discovered something very interesting. If you duplicate a window out (for me, the 3D View) and make that VSE, it will become disconnected from the active scene. Effectively, the duplicated VSE becomes a global timeline, and the contents of the original window are “local”.

Meaning… you can change the scene without changing the contents of the sequencer! This little discovery is going to make my life easier. =D

Only thing is it doesn’t work in 2.8, so another reason (aside from the horrible VSE+scene lag) I won’t be using 2.8 for animatics right now.
Edit: Not true, just have to go to Window -> New Main Window to have the same behavior.

Hi, look cool :slight_smile: you have planned an 2.8 update ?

Well, you can’t add a scene strip from the same scene as the VSE in 2.80 and scene strip playback is broken in 2.80 too. So it is fair to say that this way of using the 3d view in combination with the VSE is not possible nor endorsed in 2.80, which means that using Blender for blocking out unrendered real-time 3D-animation-sequences is limited to the clumsy and unintuitive ‘link camera to marker’ function.

humm sad to hear that… thx for your answer…

You can find the core functions updated to 2.80 here:

Andrea Monzini did a test with the “archiviz” EEVEE demo ( by Marek Moravec, CC0 )

This is wonderful. you’ve been a great help to my previs workflow. I can’t wait to see the progress as you get the 2.8 version up to what it was in 2.79 and then some.

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Thank you. I would love to see how you’re using it in your workflow.