Price estimation for a Blender work ?

Hello 3D pro,

I have a work proposition :

A) Someone wants me to model a toon with Blender (not very complicated, but with facial animation).
B) And later animate it in seven different poses.
C) Later, he wants to have the original files.

First, he has offered me 200 Euros for the A) and 150 Euros for the B).

I talked with a freelance guy who said to me that these offers were VERY low, because the official creation price is 38 Euros/hour.

I said to the boss : I want more money !
Now he asks me again what are my propositions (TIME and MONEY).

So I ask you :

  1. How many hours am I supposed to work on the modelling (whats the “official” worktime) ?
  2. How much can I ask him ?

[Please don’t answer me “It depends on you”, I want to have the general estimations !]

If the thing will be done, it will be in January, so I have enough time to learn facial animation with Blender :wink:
Tricky situation for me, because I have to choose between becoming freelance or not. Mama mia !

I hope you have understood me (!), and if you could answer me quickly, it will be great !

Pierre from

it depends if you are a pro or not.
If you claim to be a pro, people expect professional results, no problems, etc… and so yes 40€/hour is a good price.
(and for pro level, people expect ‘@ndy’s label’ quality :slight_smile: )
If you are still studying, learning blender, then it is student price, between 5/10€ per hour.
If you don’t know facial animation i’m afraid you are in the second category :frowning:

Hello !

Well, I claim to be a “starting” pro, not a Pixar guy.
Facial animation with RVKs > I know, but I just have to learn more !

Thanks for your advices !

as a starter price:

40-50€/per hour for modelling

60-70€/per hour for animation (if you can really deliver the results.

I don’t know who will pay you that high, infographists in eastern europe are paid 99€/day
and they are not beginners.

Freelance prices are so high because you have to earn enough to pay your own taxes/insurance and have a stash of your own to bridge gaps.

I’m not quite at @andy’s level and I have to charge 35.- an hour just to survive.

The big question is really… how much time do you think it will take you??? I mean if you can model that toon in a day then 200 is fine. But I think 1000 is closer to the truth, especially since he wants your materials once it’s done.

(it’s just modelling, because the toon is still created, but i have just one poor pixellated picture as reference)

OK, another 3d pro (who says he takes 1500 Euros/day for creation and animation) said to me :

350 euros for just ONE work day, without giving my original .blend files !

I dont’ know anymore… :o

-efbie- …> thanks for your link

The site looks quite good as far as presentation goes, but there is nothing there that tells me that they are actually good at what they do. Every professional agency that does ‘something’ graphical and/or multimedia does have some sort of portfolio online so you can see their quality for yourself. Having a good looking website says nothing, everyone with a basic knowledge of webdesign can whip up something like their site (it looks mostly or completely pure html to me). So I’m not convinced of their ‘professional level’, but 99 Euro per day is NOT a professional price. If you are a freelancer you need to factor in several expences (as stated before) and if you are a real company like Infographiste like us to believe then it’s impossible to have hired employees working for that money because it wont even pay for all the payroll costs.

I’m in the Netherlands and the hourly rate here for any work in the technical service area (graphic design, website development, programming, etc.) is somewhere from 35/40 Euro up to over a hundred and even more (consulting in any technical area goes for 125 Euro/hour and up).

I agree with 35/40 Euro per hour as others suggested. 350 for one day is in the same scale and I agree also that it would be WITHOUT giving the model. When you are employed by a company then normally the company owns any products you reaslise in their working time, but when you freelance the client pays you for the work and if they want the source (your intellectual property) then they pay an additional fee for that as well.

I am also a little suspicious on the work quality of the website I linked to, but it seems probable that the work is well done. In romania the average salary is about 200-300€ per month. 99€ a day is really well paid for this country. Same case with india, there is a lot of indian informaticians and graphists that work for almost nothing. The cost of life are simply too different.

For prices, I agree that 40€ an hour is a good price if it is your main job.
But at this prices, the client also expect that you can provide results and a good general knowledge of how it works. You can’t make mistakes. If you work for the student prices then your employers assume that you are still learning, and you won’t get too much problem if you make big mistakes.

A friend is in last year in a infographist shool. He is one of the best of his year, so he already work with his teachers in the video games industry. He is paid 600€ (it differs from the projects) a week, so are his teachers. Lack of chances, only beginners ? I don’t think so, He worked for appeal, the copany that maked Outcast. ( So they teach 3D to bridge gaps :slight_smile:

Last year, on about 100 students that quit 3D schools in belgium, about 20 could find work in 3D. So if you have a stable job in 3D, you are lucky :slight_smile:

But well, ask the most, and then if your boss accept, its fine :smiley:


I know I won’t ask a lot, because I am a beginning professional, and I am not 3D specialized, but I will “ask the most”…(say 30-35 euros/hour).

If i am good and the boss wants my original files, someone said to me I could sell them 300-500 euros…

Well, i have to think about it…

What you should expect is what your boss said: “what’s your proposition?” When you want someone to fix your car, you are contracting for an intended result… and a warranty. The shop foreman gives you a prediction, does a diagnosis in-shop, calls you with a binding estimate for your approval, and does the work. If the work is not done properly, it’s warrantied and the shop must deliver on the promise.

You need to calculate the amount of time you expect it to take … don’t “guess” … then double it. Figure out what you consider to be a fair fee per-hour and calculate your price. You should clearly agree on what you’re going to deliver, when you’re going to deliver, what uses the finished work is guaranteed to be compatible with, and what’s the price. Expect to collect only a down-payment, say 25%, with the balance due upon completion and acceptance of the finished work.

There is a considerable difference between what a company uses as its per-hour labor calculation, and what the employee actually receives. For instance, I worked as a subcontractor for a shop that charged $62.50/hr (USD) and paid me $25.00. Didn’t bother me a bit. But I learned from that same company the fallacy of charging the customer “by the hour” without agreeing upon scope and deliverables. The company paid me on time but did not have similar success with their customers. They lasted less than a year, but were honorable enough to settle their debts promptly.

modeling and special animation is a very time intensive work and in design 3d is one of the most expansive services at all.

what your boss offers you is a joke. there are people who want all for nothing but that does not work and you also should not do it because this damages the market as well if you sell yourself under price.

what you can charge is the modeling fee

later the animation fee which will be higher cause animation requires more skills than modeling.

selling the file is like selling the copyright. also keep in mind to make a contract with the customer since you sell him your work.

depending on your skill level i would show him an example work and based on this make the deal. by this way your boss knows what he will get at the end and no bad surprises!


Thanks to :

I have send my proposition to the boss :

> 350 euros for modeling and seven poses of the toon (no animation)=10 work hours.

> 400 euros if he wants my blend file !

I wait…