Price estimation?

I am doing some freelance work for a local computer store, they want a 3 A4-sized page of advertisement for a local computer magazine. I am using Illustrator CS, any idea how much I should charge for this?

btw, this is Westcoast north america.

$1000 - $3000 depending on the work (guess)

<misread, sorry>

The average wage for an illustrator that works in a shop in the US Midwest is about eighteen to twenty five dollars per hour. Wages are probably 25% to 50% higher on the west coast, and I’m sure free-lancers charge more. I’d suggest estimating the number of hours it’ll take you, and charge around $40 per hour. Be sure to include expenses, too (overhead including your software and computer, samples printed, CD’s burned, travel costs, that sort of thing).

sounds about right. I think $40 is definitely high though - I freelance aftereffects and CG and I get paid $35/hr, although my projects probably last longer than a print campaign

Captain jack started off good about the concept of charging on an hourly wage, and you’re quotation being an esimate on how many hours you think it will take. Obviously, you need to judge the value of your own skills sensibly, your expenses (i.e. cost of living) for the year and so on to work out what you’re hourly wage is.

Also, cause the US is different to the Uk, (cheaper items over there etc.) that would lead me to asume services would be cheaper than the UK too - so a UK to US$ conversion might not be accurate im afraid, but i’d be charging in the region of $4000+

Also, dispite popular belife with many new designers, printing is not a matter of making an image and hitting Crtl+P. You should make yourself aware of the printing industry if you don’t want to get caught up in the many pitholes this type of work brings, which can lead to missing print dead lines which is a prety expensive thing to do. This is especially the case if dont know of the term “bleed allowance” in which case i suggest reading up.

It’s not so much freelance as i am actually doing in-house work for them (illustrator and awesome PC are provided) on top of my ‘regular’ job there. The project probably takes me 8-16 hours or so from begining to finish. Thanks for your input, an hourly wage of 20-30USD seems resonable for an startup-artist like me.

It would depend on your reputation as well.
Suppose you were known as a TERRIFIC blender artist who will render revolutionary images, then you can charge a bit more than someone no-one has ever heard of.
And your name is derived from, among other things, the quality of your works. If you have some great renders to show, you could use those as an argument in a higher fee.

sounds cool. what’s your normal job? I’d definitely say start at $25/hour, do a great job (obviously) and they will pay you more next time. I did a lot of projects for a flat rate before I started charging hourly, because that way people get to know if you are worth it, especially if you don’t have a lot of big names on your reel.