price of freedom

this one’s for all the people who died for my country’s freedom during the '89 revolution
i’m entering it into a national competition with the theme “revolution, the road to freedom”
rendered in BI with AAO, some sss here and there
the only thig i’m not completley satisfied with is the arm, it looks a bit weird(thinking it’s from the defocus)
anywho, c&c welcome, enjoy:)


The buildings look great! However I would say that the arm has too much sss and doesn’t seem textured/modelled well. The wrist should be more defined and fingernails really should be present, looks more like the arm of a child without definition/texture. Blood looks a little too bland(Bright) on the arm.

Did you model the buildings/trees?

Good luck,

yea…i knew that arm’s abit too funky
i’m not that good with human modelling, i’m more into non-organic stuff
the buildings were mdelled from scratch and the trees were made using Gen3 script

made one without the arm, personally i think it looks better, considering my lack on organic sculpting and stuff


For the hand, you may want to add some grain/hair/freckles on the arm; it is the centerpiece after all. The blood should be darker where it is deeper, and should have a fairly detailed texture with a smooth reflection map (this also goes for the blood in the hand-less picture), Of course, this is all my opinion, feel free to disregard it :slight_smile: