Price quotation for fixing and debugging an already existing blender addon for open pose


I would like to make work the addon named “OpenPose” written by “Marie Eve Dumas” & “Emmanuel Durand” that you can find here :

on blender 2.8x / Windows 10.

I’ve investigated a little bit how stable is the current developement of the addon and I must say that in my case it didn’t work and below I have attached a picture that shows why. I have also recorded this video :

As soon as I click on “start openpose” this is what happens. I don’t understand which points are wrong on the face. because there are points that are moving badly and points that aren’t moving at all. There is a debugging work to do, check face rig, compare spec, check incoming openpose data, find possible cause of bad transforms.

In addition to this,that addon allows to detect the face and the body movements of a people inside a video file. I woud like to use both these features.

What I want is to know how much money is needed to make a job like that. Since I suspect that the money needed are a lot,I’ve thought to open a crowd funding campaign to find the money. I want to know also how complicated is the job to fix the addon,how many programmers are needed. How much time is needed to make it work. I want to gather all kind of informations that I will use to start raising the money. Thanks.

Hi There,

I can help you for your requirement. Kindly check PM


Do you want to give a closer look to the project ? I want to be clear : this project will have a good amount of money or it will not start at all. I will ask inside the various groups full of people interested to blender and the CG world the money. So potentially if there will be enough people interested,the programmers will be paid well. I suspect that one programmer only will be not enough,but I don’t think that this will be a problem. One hour ago I’ve got also the reply of the author of the repo and I have informed him that I’ve started to find the programmers to complete his project,because he said that it is not finished.

Fascinating. Didn’t know about this OpenPose library. It’s AI guided.
Best source to get an estimate are the Blender addon authors.
You should ask them how long did it take to them to get to the point they are, what features are implemented, and how long they think it is going to take to render it fully functional. If possible, you better go with them, for obvious reasons.
Mind that Open Pose is free only for non-commercial use. Otherwise you need a paid license.
Good luck.

(p.s. it has an Unity plugin)

good questions. I have posted them to the author.

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