Pricing question

Hi, i just setup a contract about making some technical 3D models. It’s an easy well-paid job, but there was a strange moment for me. When my boss asked me about the price, i didnt know for how much should i ask for. He wanted me to make 4 easy models of a kindergarten. He said he needs it to be done in 3 days, that’s ok. I couldnt tell him how much it would cost, he adjusted the price for me on 60Euro. I dont know if that is a suitable price for my work. Maybe it’s a little bit more than i should deserve. Can you tell me some tips about pricing?
PS: Sorry for my bad english.

He offer you this sum, so it’s ok for him. And you say that it’s ok for you, so what a problem?

Depending on your experience and the typical prices in your field, you should be able to find a certain hourly payment. This won’t necessarily be accurate at the beginning, but you can adjust it over time, when you learn, what your work is worth and how much time you need for a task.
That’s what people told me, when I looked for pricing guidelines for my textures, but in my case I chose some lower prices, because it’s made for multiple customers, so there’s no need for everyone to pay the same full task.
I know, that this is not much information, but maybe it helps you to get an idea.

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It is not unusual for the person employing you to ask how much you want to get paid. My past two places of employment have done exactly that. In one case, I asked a bit more than they were wanting, so we discussed and met a compromise. In the other, it was slightly lower, so they paid me what I asked. The important thing is that you and the person paying you agree on a situation, and (ideally) are both happy with it. In the case where I asked for more than the person was wanting, I was informed several months later that although I cost a little more, the throughput was higher and they were pleased with the money->work ratio.

So if a person is offering more money than you expect you can either:

  • Take it (if it’s in about the price range you were expecting, go for it)
  • Tell the person it is not worth as much. (if it is way way higher, your conscience should tell you to inform the guy he’s over-paying you. Which I guess is why you’re asking here)

In your case, working for 3 days for 60 euro is actually very little. Assuming 8 hour days, 60 euro is only 2.5 euro per hour - ridiculously low. I would actually try to talk him up. Of course, if it isn’t going to take 3x8 hour days, then evaluate it in light of how long you think it will take. Or perhaps ask an hourly rate and then keep a timesheet.

Another interesting thing is that payment doesn’t have to be money (though it’s often easier if it is). In one job in the past, an agreement was made that the company would take my living costs, and I would get less actually cash, but not have to be concerned with organizing accommodation (in a different country). Even for that, I made an hourly rate far far above 2.5 euro per hour…