Primary Colors -- A Surreal Still Life

created with blender & rendered in yafray. post effects done in painter & after effects.

Wow! That’s beautiful! One small crit; the seeds on the strawberry look like holes instead of bumps - was that intended?

Nice idea,

the blackberrys and lemons look yummy, the banana and apple a bit less and the strawberrys I wouldn’t touch.
Real nice color flow, did you do it manually?

now some crits;
The spec is to hard I think on the strawberrys, add a bump or nor map like on the lemons to make them more real (especially for the seeds). And I would model the “dale” sticker or include its contour in a bump map cuzz its to flat now .

But real nice and different.


thanks so much for the excellent comments, peeps! crits were well taken, and right on target. adjusted the nor map for the strawberries, as well as the spec. also worked a bit on the banana label in post. not perfect, but i’m very pleased with the final results. in regards to the flowing color, i painted that by hand in painter (i love mixing both 3d & painted elements in my work to achieve a unique look i like to refer to as “stylized realism”). again, thanks for weighing in on my stuff…

Used yafray’s light dome gi for the image. wanted to keep the lighting pretty simple & without too many bounces, to keep the colors as close to primary as possible to fit the theme of the piece. used one area light with ambient occl., 2 accent spots and a back light. all lights set to 100% white. thanks for the cool words, pal!

thanks a bunch, pal! really appreciate the cool words – made my day…

I would use some Global Illumination, anyway it is a good work, very interesting lighting.

Wow! Really amazing image! Very well done! I love the way the fruit juices from the fruit blend, and great concept and idea too!

Keep up the fantastic work!