Primeval: Evolution (Dinosaur Animations)

OK, I wasn’t exactly sure where this should go, since some of it’s finished, most of it’s work in progress, and it will feature a lot of animation, so feel free to move it to… wherever if necessary.

Basically, someone spotted my own (currently on hold) project, Primordial, and approached me to do VFX for their own series of the same ilk, entitled ‘Primeval: Evolution’. While I’m not entirely sure about the details of the plot, it’s based on the british TV series, Primeval (which is set to be revived as a canadian spin-off this month), in which rips in time allow creatures from the past and future to rampage in the present.

It’s my first proper commission so I’m eager to get it right. I’ll be producing 5 creatures for the series and animating and compositing a number of shots. I’m also creating a 30-second long title sequence featuring creatures from the series.

So far I’ve got one creature completely done, a Carnotaurus, and the second, Nanotyrannus, is pretty nearly ready.


Carnotaurus (finished)

Nanotyrannus (not yet rigged)


Primeval: Evolution Facebook Page

Epicycle Films (VFX group) YouTube channel

Epicycle Films Facebook Page

That carnotaurus model is amazing!! Though I’m not a big fan of that overall shape (as I mentioned in my own thread) the detail in wrinkles and texture on yours is through the roof. Is it rigged?


Yup, he’s fully rigged:

I’m also planning to release the models for sale at a low cost later, since I’m only charging a small fee, to try and get some more cash out of it haha :slight_smile:

Finished (for now) the modeling/texturing of the Nano:

Also gonna make a thread in the ‘works in progress’ section to get feedback specifically on the models, rather than animation.

This is REALLY cool Benjee, just make sure you aren’t infringing any copyrights, I almost made that mistake on my WIP, the link is in my signature!

Thanks! Yeah, copyright might be an issue, but the creators of ‘Primeval’ gave it a like on Facebook, so they seem to be pretty lax about that sort of thing. It’s also not for profit, so hopefully we should be OK. Glad you like it, more creatures coming soon :slight_smile:

Here’s a short compilation of animations for use in a title sequence. We’re hoping to get it featured on the Primeval: New World website, I’ll let you know how we get on :slight_smile:

Nice animation, but the big dinos are just kind of standing there pointlessly (especially the carnotaurus). The carnotaurus animation was ok, the mouth animation was good, but the rest of the body was too static for my tastes. I’d also like to see a little more work in the eyes. They can play a big part in the mood of the shot. For example, if you wanted an aggressive look, you could narrow the eyelids and bunch up the eyebrows. For a more “inquisitive” look you could have them normal size, and for an ominous expression they could be wide open.

Thanks Owldude! The shots were just created for a title sequence, where they will appear pretty small and only the heads/upper body will be seen. As for eyes, the first two creatures have pretty out-dated rigs with very limited eye control. Later rigs will have much better functionality where that’s concerned, and the shots for the title sequence had to be done pretty quickly so I didn’t put too much depth into it :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback!

We’ve been featured in the Primeval: New World Fan Video gallery! And we’re the only ones to have made our own VFX :slight_smile:

Here’s a brief animation test with the Nano, not rendered yet.

Rendered version of the animation.

Hey, guys. Im Edward Bays, and I’m the creator of Primeval:Evolution. I am looking for more volunteer creature designers and animators to help get this project done. Everybody will get credit and please contact me if you’re willing to help. Thanks guys…my contact is 9546541695.