One thing I made today

I would really really really really really really like to see you expand your realm of experience and try something other than primitives and basic blocky shapes.
I saw you make some flowers once… that was kind of interesting.
Why not do some more experimentation? Please! I’d like to see what you can do.

The different shadows and reflections beneath different objects are a little bit confusing.

And take time for your pictures!

i have always enjoyed your style and choice of colours.
please try to practise more and post less.

I agree with @ndy.

As said in many of your previous works, the lighting is your real weak point at the moment. Do a google search for 3 point light set ups, and just basic lighting techniques on the web. You will learn a lot from the information.


I’m now using AO in my scenes to help with the lighting after seeing Harkyman do it. Just a sunlight 45 degrees to the camera, a hemilight pointing straight down and AO set to sky color and 10 samples. Mainly because people like you helped me come up to that in blender general.

Looks to me that you turned AO on but forgot to click the “Ray” button in renderbuttons.

Not once have I seen you post in one of my image topics. I am honored to be recognized by the greatest blender artist of all time. :slight_smile: 8)

Not once have I seen you post in one of my image topics. I am honored to be recognized by the greatest blender artist of all time. :slight_smile: 8)[/quote]
I think he posted to prove a point. “practice more, post less”
Anywho, I never found any meaning in your art. Do you just randomly put things together or does it actually have a meaning?

Kansas i know you have heard this many many times, but try working on something that uses more than just primitive shapes and actually takes some time to complete.

I don’t think people are interested in seeing something that anybody could knock up in about 5 minutes. You have over 60 images in your album but none of them are really all that interesting.

How about you spend a bit more time making 1 good, interesting image in which you actually model a shape rather than use presets. 1 good image is better than 10 bad ones.

If you keep up making these sorts of images, you wont learn anything. What I have just said seems harsh, but I’m only saying it because you have the passion for 3d art and I would like to see you become really good at it.

@ndy has suggested that you do what I just said and there isn’t really any better Blender artist that I know of who’s advice should be more adhered to than his.

Minor update, accidently had a sunlight pointing straight down and not a hemi so I fixed that. And toyed with some reflection values to make them less bright.

Just out of curiosity…how long did this one take you?

Kansas_15, I appreciate the fact that you are expressing yourself using blender to create artwork and are learning, it seems, in the process! I just want to encourage you to keep it up and keep sharing it with others. There is great value in what you’re doing, and I think you have more courage than I in this regard.