Primitive Alien (Now Updated with Hair!)

Concept of mine I’ve had for a while, sculpted with sculptris and re-topologized in zbrush+blender.
Also added some finer details via multi-res sculpt in blender. Comments and critiques appreciated.

Great sculpt!

Great lines. There is already some emotion coming from the natural expression.

Thanks! I’ve been thinking about rigging it after I create the bump map, also thinking about adding some fur.

Update, added some basic SSS, tried out a more complex skin shader but had some issues.

Trying some hair, will probably add more.

Hair Update

The skin shader on the chest looks on point. Not sure about the face, much too red. Loving the hair. Will he get some eyes?

You mean the face as a whole? I believe I did add some redness to the eyes. As for the eyes, I haven’t decided, I want them to be different than traditional “monster” or 'alien" eyes. Would definitely appreciate some suggestions.

Yes the entire face, I can’t put my finger on it but it is too glossy and too maroon, although if it is some kind of monster perhaps that is intentional.

I’ll see how I can tweak that, here’s a image of front+profile. DId some color correcting in PS.