·•Primitive Survival•· WC#112 Entry

HI.Here it is my Entry to the WC#112.
·•Primitive Survival•·
:slight_smile: “I hope everyone likes it.”

hhhmm wonderful except the strecth on the cave wall?

Yhea I know :expressionless: . I hope I have enought time to fix that.Do you think I should brighten it up just alittle?

erm yea go ahead i think you got time is well also upon examineing this i noticed like a light goin down and onto the brick like a beam of light, what is it?

Fix the cave wall and make the smoke more wispy, then you will have it

projectile points didn’t usually (ever?) have those little square holes on the bottom. They would be flat, then put into a slot in the top of the shaft, then tied into place. at least all the ones I’ve seen. I think the hole would be difficult to shape with just stone tools and probably negatively affect the integrity of the point.

smoke is too straight…

cave wall texture is stretchy…

and is that a machete by the fire pit??? :-?

Hey thanks eveyone for the suggestions.I have fixed the wall but now I need to mess around with the smoke :wink:

Gr8redshark: The projectile points did have a hole in the bottum part of the arrow head,as my refrence to primitive weapons has shown me.Your right though the arrow heads hole is square looking.The hole was used to secure the arrow head or they secured it to a handel of some kind wich made it usable for cutting(a knife).

The thing that looks like a machete is a rock nife…I guess it does look large in the render.

I hope I could fix everything in time :slight_smile:

Nicely done!!! :slight_smile:
But i tink the bat should be a bit longer and thiner.
And is it me or the bat and arrow head are having specular light? Should they?