primitive (update pg2; Also Added: 3rd render for Alltaken)

Update: Check out page 2 for an alternate render.

Possibly my WC112 “primitive theme” entry (I explain below).

This one is meant to be “primitive” in several senses of the word, including primitive art :wink: so here you go…

Pure Blender 2.34.

I had a few different ideas for this particular challenge, and I may pursue one or more of them over the next day or so if the time is there.


I love the theme, RobertT!

Great work!



I love it!

That´s creativity!

Great composition and render. I think the choice to leave color out of this one worked well. It makes it more… uh… primitive :slight_smile:

reflective sphere hit beveled cube?
it’s bettter than your render with the number 1.
Did you place them by hand?

hmm… concept is good… but I think you need to work on execution little more… for example, now they consist of only same size of sphere, and same size of cubes. you could add more detail having different sizes.
also, you could make the setup more dynamic, if the sphere-guy would actually hit cube-guys face with a destructive blow, crushing the head into smaller cubes that fly around…


I like the simplicity of this one very much.

I tend to agree with basse about changing up some of the sizes though.


I really like the idea. I don’t really have anything more to add. Basse is right about the sizes.


Basse has some really good ideas for improvement. Like it, but with some changes it could be really nice.

Yes I like the concept… I agree too with basse …but I like it alot…

i like it very much, the sphere guy is the best, you could make lots of these guys fighting like a big gang fight. i like what basse was saying too you could have one hitting the other and cubes and spheres flying everywhere. what i was thinking was have the sphere guy punching his arm through the cube guys stomach were you could see his arm coming out his back with little cubes flying everywhere. ahhh violence

Amazing, just that.

Nice concept, but I gotta agree with Basse with this one. Those dudes looks just too uniform with just only one sized cubes and spehers. Little variation would be great.

I like the way your mind works to come up with this stuff man. This is cool.

Very nice, your entry is going to be tough to beat :o

block01cube: Thanks! :slight_smile:

dhanielc: I appreciate that.

sketchy: Yes, thank you for noticing the color choice part too! :wink:

BackiZ: Thanks :slight_smile: I used a hybrid of dupliverts “hand placed” verts :smiley: using mainly proportial editing. As a source mesh I designed a primitive looking humanoid and decimated that for dupliverting purposes. A little complicated but fun :smiley:

basse: Always an honor to hear from you, basse. I appreciate your point of view and find myself in total agreement with what you’ve said here. I revisited this piece and will soon post an update below based directly on your feedback :slight_smile: I must say I am very eager to see more renders from you. Whatever happened to that fun and colorful animation project you had going? The one with the singing/dancing characters. Did I miss it in Finished Projects? I hope you didn’t abandon it because it was one of the best things I ever saw done with Blender.

BgDM: Thanks! Unlike most of my wc entries, where I try to develop the details, I wanted to keep this one consistent with the theme from a modeling point of view.

Antiggo: Thank you very much Antiggo.

Monkeyboi: Yes, I agree, and I’ll be posting an update after these replies.

md01: Thanks. An update is coming.

Wu: LOL - Good imagination there! :smiley: The update has some more “punch” to it hopefully :smiley:

Friday13: Thanks :smiley:

Hippie: Thanks for the feedback. The update below will have some more variation.

JA-forreal: Thanks so much JA-forreal :slight_smile:

Kansas_15: I haven’t checked out the competition for this wc, but I’m sure it’ll be tough as always. Lots of promising talent out there developing these days! :slight_smile:


Here’s an alternative render inspired by the feedback…

This is probably the final update for this still possible entry, since I am considering some other possible entries, which I’ll reveal here:

Primitive Skull - a skull of an ancestral human, to be rendered realistically using new ramps and procedural textures

Modeling Primitives - stone age models on a runway showing off the latest in primitive fashion - more of a comical take on the topic, possibly toon shaded

Primitivism - abstract work with some “wild” qualities and making use of the new particle system.

We’ll see… :wink:

Thanks again to everyone for checking out my stuff.


Wow, great job, I love it alot!


wow much better dude. mmmmmmmmmmmmm im hungry . lol i dont know where that came from.

That second one is way better, I expect to see people voting on you when voting starts