Primitive XS V12

My entry for this weekend’s challenge.

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Primitive objects used for modeling:- two circles, two cubes, one donut, one tube and a text object.


Doesn’t look entirely made of primitives, more like those heavily modified.

yes, and the way it relates to the topic (yes you do have artistic license) is a little cheap if not cheesy!

ok so maybe the other entries have enjoyed as much freedom with their interpretaion of the theme, as I have, maybe they haven’t. Perhaps this forces me to consider withdrawing my entry.

I could have left the primitive objects as they appear when you press space bar>Add.

Woooo, sorry but that would be a little boring.

I started with a circle and modeled from there. The donut and tube are unmodified primitives. (Steering column and steering wheel.)

I did some tests, making a sphere from cubes, a cone from suzanne heads and a cube from donuts. I thought they looked good but did not push my limits of modeling.

The weekend challenge is not just about winning it’s about advancing our abilities with Blender.

I hardly think adding a cube with no modifications pushes my modeling abilitites.

So please, shoot down my work and offer no constructive critiques to my modified cubes. That would be really helpfull.


Wow, that came out VERY nice Sonix :slight_smile:
I for one like your interpretation btw :wink:


Sonix, do not withdraw. if they don,t like, they won,t vote that’s it! Everyone have their interpretation, and this one is great!

I mean, prince and kansas_15 don,t know what the hell they are talking about. they are just bitching because…they want to. they have bitched about entries for the whole weekend so. And yea I mean it, you 2 are getting on my nerves, really. Can’t you understand that those are weekend challenge, the subject is for interpretation. Maybe I would talk differently if there was a HUGE prize on the other end…but dammit…guys…stop bitching, this is a nice piece of work, different from what you guys THINK about the topic…but it’s still the interpretation of the author… Sure you just said your opinion on this car…but kansas_15, for someone who hate liberty of expression, you use it quite alot, and prince, I thought you had understood what I explained earlier…

anyway, good job sonix, and post it for the challenge. I would vote for you just to piss off the 2 others…

Nice, I want one :wink:


Surely I’d have prefered the primitives to be appearing more blatantly in your entry, but still I think your entry is valid (in fact, I think that quite any entry is valid).

And I also think that Weekend Challenge is for improving one’s skills. I never entered one before because of lack of personal time, but because of lack of personal time, I never really tested the new features of blender 2.33a and 2.34. This is why there are so many particles in my entry: I had to put them in a scene whatever the topic would be. I want to practice and be a better blender-head that I am currently. So I’ll try to join regularly (if not all because I think I wouldn’t be able to) the Weekend Challenges for now on.

And about bitching, X-WARRIOR, I’ll just say that some people (I don’t know if it’s the case of Prince or kansas_15, and I won’t say so) take “pleasure” in commenting ad nauseam just because they increase their number of posts, and hence the “status”/rating in the Elysiun community which is biasing one’s reputation.

I’m in the Blender’s community since v1.68 but I never felt the urge of being renowned. I wrote a lot of tutorials, I helped promoting Blender, and I only recently joined the Elysiun community. I’m just a Guru, not a Monkey or greater because I don’t post often. This doesn’t matter. My works talk for me as about how competent I am, and I give answers in the Q&A forums each time I can and/or when nobody answered yet to a distressed newcomer. I don’t feel rewarded for that, nor I want to. Being a newbie POSTER or a MONKEY poster doesn’t makes me a BLENDER newbie or a BLENDER monkey.

All of this makes me thinking about the rating system of Elysiun: should we have one? If yes, could we change it, so that only relevant comments are counted, anyway, for the status?

In my mind, we don’t have need for any status system for the frequenters of Elysiun. Somehow, it’s biasing judgements of newcomers. The status system was fun at the start of the community (yes, I was there even if I didn’t subscribed into) but now, I think it’s some sort out-dated and not relevant for a community like this one.

Here are my two cents. Hope I upsetted no-one with this long OFF-TOPIC, but I had to say this. I hope I didn’t upset any status-lovers here :wink:

Well I do think you stretched your interpretation of primitives to the limit. But I think that’s really what is so cool about Blender and 3D modelling in general. You can call nearly anything and extruded cube. It’s great. :smiley:

But besides all of that, I really think this car looks cool. I wish I could make such an item out of a circle.

And XWarrior is right. If people don’t find this a valid interpretation, then they probably won’t vote for it. I can’t see any reason why you’d withdraw it. After all, if you win “unfairly”, majority rules doesn’t it? :wink:

I’ve really been scared to model a car. Actually, I’m scared to model many things. One day though - one day.


Sonix, this looks great! You really have a distinct style for your vehicles–I could tell right away that this was a “sonix” car!

I’d sure like to take this badboy out for a spin ;).



Thanks for the support my friends.

Robertt, and I your interpretation, similar idea to my first thoughts.

X-Warrior, thankyou. Glad you like it.

Sornen, thanks.

olviS, as I wrote in my post above I did try using unmodified primitives, but that would always have been just an exercise in object arrangment or dupliverts. At the moment I wish to improve my modeling skills. I knew I was stretching the theme to the limit, but I always have. A couple of times I’ve named the theme, nobody interpreted it as I had intended at all.

Caleb74, thanks. Don’t be scared of trying mate. I tend to model all my cars from a circle or a plane. If a circle, I use one to make the wheels, scale extrude move etc etc. I then use the same circle to make the wheelarch, then extrude that to make the wing. If I use a plane, I usually start on the bonnet or roof. The more you try the easier it becomes.

Blockcube01, thanks again my friend. I can’t promise delivery of the XS V12 until 2006, but worry not for you can take this prototype out for a test drive. Just visit your local Primitive showroom. :smiley: