Primstar scripts installed but cant get Sculpts baked

Hello. I make Sculpties in the game Second Life and use Blender to do it. Im using version 2.49b, Python 2.6 and the Primstar scripts. everything was fine. I would Add>Mesh>Sculpt Mesh, do my usual sculpting in Sculpt Mode, change back to Object Mode, split the screen and bring up UV/image editor on one side then go to Render>Bake Second Life Sculpties and save to my desktop. It would automatically save as a .tga image which is what is needed for it to work with Second Life, but now it goes through the Baking process but never saves it as anything but a .blender file.
Does anyone have any ideas? Thank You

Hi! I hate to be a pain but after much googling and reading the Blender and Python Websites I have been unable to find a answer to what seems a somewhat simple task!LOL! Anyways I read ur post and realised u 2 r ahving problems with primstar but at least u have it installed:o.
I will tell u the process I have been through so far and hopefully u can help me:)
Ok so after starting up Blender I found my way through to the TextEditor and viewed = Blender 2.49 System Information = Then reading down the list I found User defined dir for scripts:
<NOTICE> – not found
Data dir “bpydata/” inside user defined dir:
<NOTICE> – not found :confused:
so my question is and I supposed to specify/define where the scripts acn be found by Blender? If so how?Or am I completely offtrack?LOL
I then tried copyong the Primstar folder into D:\BLENDER-2.49b-windows.blender\scripts then restarted Blender to find that the “File - Import” menu showed a new optionfor ‘Second Life Sculptie’…But after clicking that I get an ERROR Message; Python Script error:check console:rolleyes:?
Any ideas what I did wrong?if anything was right LOL!