Prince Caspian!!!

ITS THE PRINCE CASPIAN TRAILER!!! It has 1500 shots of CGI or something as the first only had like 800 shots of CG I can’t wait

CG looks very good, but the problem with Narnia chronicals they’re actually more enjoyable if you read them rather than watching them on screen.

As a kid I read all the Narnia stories and loved them all. For some reason I loved the vogage of the Dawn Treader. But as an adult unfortunately I find Narnia stories a little too pagan for their own good.

When Prince Caspian comes out on video, I watch it.:slight_smile:

Pagan? Each of the Narnia movies is supposed to be an allegory of different aspects of Christianity, not paganism.

As I read C.S.Lewis said himself that Aslan is actually Jesus in the form of a lion.

Yah, I agree with Dragon. The trailer looks pretty sweet. I thought that the first one was good, but I wish that Disney didn’t do it. I think that it just wasn’t as realistic as it could’ve been with the battle scenes and all because they had to aim for kids and stuff. I guess that’s the target age for the books however. If they could’ve gotten to the realism that LOTR did, it would’ve been awesome. The actors weren’t the best either. I hated the white witch, they changed her too much from the description in the book.