Prince of persia inspired game project goin on

Hi Everyone we have a prince of Persia inspired game project going on. Check it :

Here are the screen shots of the same.


hmm i hope theres a nice backstory to this, because the aliens look very out of place. unless theyre just temporary models? also you might want to fix the guys proportions, his arms are way too long and legs too short. well, good luck with this!

Hi Ksmcroxton,
Thanx for the comment.
Yep hand proportions are to be corrected this was version 1 for the model surely going to fix this in version 2

The alien actually suits to Egyptian inspired theme. I have proposed the concept art for the same at my thread :
for the enemies.

They are looking presently more like alien as i have not modeled there Armour presently. But goin to fix that to in near future. Ant way thanx for the reply

New visuals added on to the first pot on this thread.

Who so ever finds interest in our game project can join us. Our thread is at:

Also if u want to join in it please send me personal message either at blender artist or at my gmail id: [email protected]

C ya