prince of persia sands of time style ?

Hello people !

Is there a way to achieve the “glow effect” in blender like the one used in prince of persia sands of time ?

have yu tried using halos with alpha channels?i’m thinking maybe put a few of those on an random sensor attached to an AddObject actuator…

ok, I’ll try this .

Thanks for your post

If anybody have another idea, i’ll try too.

must wait for multitexturing and hope it feature the “modulate2x” blend mode for lightmaps…

I’ve played prince of perisa, and I know the efect your trying to make. Right now i don’t think you can replicate that exactly in blender, however try using a plane just in fron of the camera with add, and a white texture, then changing the vertex colours to get the effect you want. Basically this will make the bright spots brighter because its add (i think)…

here’s a screen i made, you can easily adjust the vertex colour of the plane to get a smaller glow effect than mine

Thanks for this new idea. In fact I was looking for something like this (using a plane in front of the camera).