Princeesse Lillia

This is my last picture as usual I tried to use the maximum of free software (blender expression3, Sketchup), but also the essential Photoshop because I do not like the Gimp. do I use the 3D just basic anything is redrawn later

I hope you enjoy it


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Could you show us your workflow?
I mean, what blender produces (Wires, render), then what the other programs…
This image is amazing.

I LOVE the image… really creative… +1 on what freemind said


I agree, and also love the image :smiley:

Holy crapsticks, I love it!!!

Magnificent work! I agree that little workflow info would be nice.

It reminds me some Gigers composition…But in poor streetart version…Like it…It must be a lot of work…

Hey Kargall
great image as always. Still surprising me.
Have you posted this other masterpiece yet? the one with blender renderer, the scifi like.
Or do we have to wait for Pilou to do this? LOL

You should write a small tutorial on how you import SketchUp files.
Yes, for everyone interested, the latest free SU build exports a rather clean collada 1.4 (blender 2.49b). Latest ruby free SU plugins like “remove inner faces” makes it even simpler.

Truly beautiful and very clever as well. Definitely want to see the workflow.

Wow, astounding! Reminds me of Robert’s work- workflow please :smiley:

Thank you very much.
I am delighted that the image you like.
Here is a picture that explains my workflow, if that helps.


What a great concept! And very nice color scheme.
It gives me a little bit the feeling of Salvador Dali’s paintings (in a modern version way). But it could also be the main poster of a sci-fi block buster movie.

holy cow this is great

Wow, It’s not often enough that I get blown away like this… Great work!
Thanks for the workflow too!

Great image

Seems impossible to create :D, great combination of 3D and 2D.

nice abstract Kargall keep it up…:slight_smile:

i’m jealous and i want cry!!!..really… i’d like do something like this =P really… it’s amazing… i’m learning…but…in a future i’ll sifht your art!!! hahahahahaha =P

Absolutely wonderful. No other comment.