Princess Amuhyra of Al Khajazan

Born in the city of Amahtrah on the day of its destruction, Amuhyra was rescued by a farmer and later taken in by the Amira of Al Khajazan. The white-haired girl was soon declared Princess of Al Khajazan by Amira Khalidah bint Nahayim, who raised her as her own. It was during this time that the princess developed a peculiar gift: the ability to manipulate the bones inside a living being. The princess spent much of her time healing the injuries of any Khajazani she could, and those who threatened her quickly realized how dangerous her gift can be.
From the world of Dividona.
The “uh” is silent.
Made in Blender, of course.


Here are some renders I did of the process:

Her face was mess up in all different angle. Look like someone beats the crap out of Adele look-alike. I may be not a pro yet, I know what to observe and inspect errors. You need more practice on selecting correct colors for her skin tone.

Overall of the sculpting was really great.

I’ll admit I don’t really see where you’re coming from, but I can respect your opinion. I’m not at all a professional either so it wasn’t easy figuring out what colors to use for her skin tone (there were other minor issues with the model as well that can’t be seen in the renders). My goal was to make a middle-eastern-inspired character with albinism that fit the image of her I had in my head. Whether I succeeded in the first part, I really don’t know, but I appreciate the comment. Thanks!

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beautiful work !!!

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