Princess Aurora Aranium

Hello, this character here is part of a private long-term project. i have set myself the goal of creating a fictional scifi universe with 3 major factions fighting for dominance in the galaxy. princess aurora will be the head of a society which style is based on a mix of fantasy and scifi… basically “fan-fi” if i had to give the style a name =D (if it doesn’t already exist, of course).

As always, I would be very happy to receive feedback and am also open to suggestions =)


She looks really good, can’t wait to see the next character (and the first part of the project :smile:)

But if I had to nitpick, it would be the cape. Not really sure how is it suspended on her shoulders?


thanks for the feedback…yes the cape bothers me too, unfortunately it was completely lost when putting together the scene :see_no_evil: I calm myself with the fact that I will create a few more scenes with her in the throne room and with the kingsguard . I will then be a little more careful with the clothes :grin:

The same way her top is being held up – fantasy outfit magic! :wink:

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