Princess Mononoke

Hi everyone!
I made this just for fun and now, the moment has come to know what do you think of it, and what are your suggestions :slight_smile:

It started as a fun modeling exercise, I only wanted to model a wolf, then I wanted to do a scene with this wolf.
As a big fan of Ghibli animation films I thought Princess Mononoke was a good choice.

Critics are more than welcome ofc.

wow, super cool! maybe tone down the grain filter over the image, its a bit distracting

“modelling exercise” lol

how do you do the filter? It’s awesome!

Thank you kimihiro111, good idea, I will :slight_smile:

@axelredfield I know this is not much, but with this faceted style I think there is not a lot of difficult exercises, and I’m not really in love with realistic modeling and all this kind of stuff!
BTW your Mikey is really well made, it must have been a big modeling/sculpting exercise :stuck_out_tongue:

@RoryJMcEwan I create some “layers” from scratch in Gimp, like snow or fog, then i combine them to the image, and I overlay 1 or 2 textures which fits the image. For this one I also faked motion blur all around the center :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it!