Princess Zelda

So I’m working on sculpting Princess Zelda to replace a section of my Yr 8 Visual Arts assessment, just started tonight. This is all I’ve had time to do (eye sockets), and I dunno whether to be embarrassed or not. I have ten days to finish sculpting, materials and render, how does everyone think of the front view so far?

It is still little to tell, there’s basically a female type head with two eye sockets as you say. Do so more :slight_smile:

Female? Maybe an alien female. :smiley: Anyway, it’s waaay to early to give any crit at this stage.

If I were OP, I’d have started with a low- to mid-poly mesh, and sculpted on that. Much easier to sculpt on something that at least gives a clue as to the final appearance… But then again, I’ve got only a few hours of sculpting under my belt, so I might be totally wrong.

Perhaps you’re right about the lowres, well that’s why I love multires. haha :slight_smile: I’m going to spend about 5 hours on it tomorrow, should get a lot done then.

Just a question, which princess zelda are you going to model?

The first zelda for nes (a bit pixeled, there isn’t any good official princess Zelda art for NES games) :

A link to the past:
Ocarina of time(I like the sheik version):

Wind waker version
Oracle of seasons/ages:

Twilight version (not that vampires movie!!), very similar to the ocarina one

Captain N version (not so bad XD):
Zelda CDI (not this, ok? not this!!!)

hmm…the others kinda have a point, haunt_of_dawn, there’s not much to “judge” at this point (not that I’m judging it, but you know what I mean, right? I couldn’t find the correct word, so…)

also, @nuvalo - where in the world did you find the huge pictures of the OoT and Oracles Zelda?!? :smiley: I’ve been looking for high-res pics for a while, and I always get stuck with darn small ones :frowning:

edit - omg, I am so glad I’ve never played those last two :smiley: the last one looks especially horrible. is that seriously supposed to be Link?!? :eek:

It is the Murphis law,I found those images looking for low-res ones :). You can find a lot of hi-res TLOZ images here:

The Captain N was not a game, it was an 80’s cartoon that featured some characters from several nintendo games (megaman, zelda, donkey kong…). The CDI version… just forget that i mentioned it XD. If you think that it was not a good picture, you should look it moving in the videos, it is so bad that you can think that it was done by a 5 years child.

Murphy’s Law? lol :smiley: actually, Zeldapedia (or the zelda wiki, not sure which) was where I got most of my pictures…

…oh, wait, I just checked and I have the exact same ones! lol! i’d forgotten… sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I have so many pictures…